Zorbio 1.0.5 Patch Notes

Zorbians, below you will find the patch notes for Zorbio version 1.0.5.

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  • Added capture indicators: other players now have a colored ring around their spheres which indicate their size relative to your own:

    • Green means you can eat the other player
    • Yellow means you can eat the player, but they’re almost as big as you, so speed boosting is risky
    • Red means the other player is bigger, be careful!
  • Changes to the drain beam:

    • You gain bonus mass when draining a player much larger than you
    • The drain beam’s brightness corresponds with the amount of mass being drained (this was already the case, but the effect is now more noticeable)
    • Drain beams no longer appear between AI-controlled players
  • Added a loading indicator, which also resolves an issue where the UI would appear, but remained unresponsive until the game finished loading


Enjoy the new version! Share your feedback on r/zorbio or our Facebook page.