Zorbio Devlog 2: End of an Alpha

Greetings Zorbians! Here are our reflections on the recently-completed open alpha preview!

If you’re new to Zorbio, it’s is a web-based 3D eat-em-up currently in development by Jared and myself. Now, on to the alpha news!

First off, thank you to everyone who tried out the game during the open alpha. For a game still in alpha, it was really encouraging to see so many consistent players. I’d gotten accustomed to only friends and family playing the game, so seeing total strangers playing at all times of day was so cool.

Anyone who would like to continue playing during the upcoming beta development phase, you’ll need an alpha key to play. Fortunately, they’re free, just shoot an email to admin@scripta.co and we’ll send you a key.

Secondly, we’re extremely grateful for all the feedback. The positives and the negatives both help tremendously. The feedback was remarkably consistent too, which gives us a very clear direction going forward into beta development. We’re now acutely aware of Zorbio’s weak spots and have designs in place to shore up those weaknesses. We also heard loud and clear what everyone liked about the game, so we can preserve and improve those aspects too!

We hope you’ll stick with us through the upcoming beta development and jump on board when we open things up again.