Square Off 1.1 Patch Notes

It’s been almost a year since we built and released Square Off during the haphazard weekend of Ludum Dare 35. Now, in our first patch since that weekend Square Off gets some much-needed love. Here’s what to look forward to!

Or you could play Square Off now. It’s 1v1 so bring a friend!


  • Made the game installable on Android phones. Visit http://sqoff.com in Chrome, then go to Options (⋮) and select “Install web app”.
  • Improved the appearance of the disc’s trail. It’s no longer a smoky blur.
  • The block hover icon only appears on cells you are allowed to place blocks on. In other words, it won’t appear in the safe zone near your opponent’s goal.
  • The game will now size itself appropriately based on your screen size. This is especially helpful on mobile devices.
  • A few small visual tweaks, for example increased the width of the grid lines, to improve appearance at all screen sizes and reduce moire.
  • Moved players’ names to the center to better fit into portrait screen orientations.
  • While searching for an opponent, the game explains what is happening and shows how many other players are active.
  • The disc motion is updated at 60 fps instead of 30 fps, smoothing out the motion.
  • For better responsiveness, blocks are placed on mousedown instead of mouseup.


  • Resolved a bug where the block hover icon would appear on more than one block after a quick mouse motion.

Play Square Off, if you haven’t yet.